Our Fundamental Beliefs and Values

We believe:

  • The nations of the Western Hemisphere (the Americas), particularly the member countries of the Organization of American States (OAS), are important to the U. S. and we are important to them.
  • The countries of the Americas are also important to the Kansas City area.
  • Educating the Kansas City community about the history, culture, customs, economies, and political conditions of the countries in the Hemisphere is of value; is a key to helping break down barriers; develop understanding and tolerance between peoples and countries; and contributes to building peace and prosperity in the Hemisphere.
  • Educating peoples of the Americas about the United States’ history, culture, customs, political conditions, and economy is also important to breaking down barriers, developing better understanding and tolerance, and contributes to peace and prosperity.
  • Educating the community about the OAS is of value to the community.
  • Humanitarian programs contribute to building peace and prosperity.
  • Education about trade and tourism opportunities in the Americas contributes to building peace and prosperity.
  • Direct citizen-to-citizen contact (Citizen Diplomacy) can make a difference by developing long term friendships, breaking down barriers, developing understanding, and contributes to building and maintaining peace in the Hemisphere.
  • Educational, cultural, and exchanges among peoples, particularly the youth of Hemisphere countries, can help to promote long-term friendships and understanding and breaks down barriers which contribute to building peace and prosperity.
  • Direct contacts, exchanges, and events are not only educational, but also fun and contribute to the enrichment of the lives of our members and participants.
  • In transparency and accountability in the Association’s operations.
  • In fairness, integrity, and honesty in our dealings with members and others.
  • In a culturally diverse membership in the PANAM-KC.