About Us:

What we do and our value to the community and the U.S.:

  • We help enhance the community’s knowledge of the overall significance of the countries of the Americas to the United States, our shared historical and cultural ties, peace and security interests, and shared economic interests as well as shared interests with the Kansas City area.
  • We help educate Kansas City area citizens, especially our youth, about the countries of the Americas, the Organization of American States (OAS) and the principles for which it stands i.e.: democracy, peace, human rights, security, and economic development (prosperity) for its member states of which the U.S. is one.
  • We help connect Kansas City with the Americas through educational, citizen diplomacy, political, cultural, and youth sports programs and activities.
  • We help connect Kansas City through our support of the “Grand Boulevard of the Americas,” in Kansas City, Missouri, where banner flags of the OAS member countries are displayed multiple times along the length of the Boulevard.
  • We help educate the community about the economic opportunities in the Americas, which contributes to prosperity for Kansas City companies, Kansas City, and the United States.
  • We help educate other countries about the United States and the Kansas City area.
  • We help link Kansas City educational and other institutions to similar institutions in the Americas.
  • We help Kansas City evolve into an internationally recognized city in the Americas.
  • We provide members, sponsors, and others the opportunity to enrich their lives, meet interesting people, travel in the Americas, and have fun.
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